Golden Legacy

‘How Golden Books won children’s hearts, changed publishing forever, and became an American icon along the way’.

Golden Legacy chronicles the fascinating, never-before-told story of the creation, marketing, and worldwide impact of the most popular children’s books of all time. Launched in 1942 within months of Americas entry into World War II, Golden Books were an instant sensation, providing comfort and security to millions of home-front youngsters during wartime and giving the children of the Baby Boom generation and beyond their first memorable experiences of literature and art. From the outset, one of the hallmarks of the entire 25-cent Golden Book line was the superlative quality of its full-color illustration, a gallery of artwork created by a distinguished roster of illustrators that included Garth Williams, Leonard Weisgard, Gustf Tenggren, Feodor Rojankovsky, Tibor Gergely, J. P. Miller, Eloise Wilkin, Alice and Martin Provensen, Mary Blair, and Richard Scarry. Lavishly illustrated, Golden Legacy is a compelling tale of American pop culture and a stirring tribute to the most successful attempt ever at making good children books affordable by every American family.

Composition Leonard S. Marcus. With a foreword by Eric Carle.

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